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Home English ON THE ROCKS

by Raffo Ferraro
publisher: Sangel

The book has a chapther about The Dream Syndicate

At the moment the book is available only in italian language

on the rocks 

Author notes:

The book was presented in May 2011 at the Turin international book exhibition.

It is a completely new narrative structure, and never done before. The title is intended to be a mix of a quote from my favorite book ON THE ROAD, the quote from a song by Gillan and a call to rock in general. The chapters are called "tracks" like if it was a CD.

So, it consists of a track 1 intro (prologue) entitled On the rocks in which the first-person narrator tells of sifting through his vast collection of CDs that make up the soundtrack of his life. Prologue to follow 11 other tracks (chapters) so structured: in the first part the narrator focuses on a particular CD and makes a biography and review of the group without getting too technical. It follows a few lines of the lyrics of the song that gives the title to chapter, and a part structured as a novel in which the narrator recounts an episode or phase in his life that that song reminds him. It closes with a ghost track-outro (epilogue) where the sums of the work are drawn.

Features: The book so structured is thought as a cd. The order of the tracks follow this logic and thus the story of the events is not chronological or linear. Where I feel that there is some live version of the track that gives the title to Chapter better than studio version, I note it. The sum of the tracks is fitting an 80 minutes hypotetical cd considering only studio versions or live versions or a mix of them. Each chapter is illustrated with black and white image: a drawing that represents the comics parody of the album cover from which comes the track that gives the name to the chapter: in particular, two fictional characters are introduced, a snake and a chick that that are facetiously replacing the various protagonists of the album. The cover is a photo of the illustrations author and mine inspired by the Stones Black and Blue album cover.

Tracklist (Chapters):

Track 1 - INTRO. ON THE ROCKS (Gillan - Glory Road) prologo

Track 2. ADD IT UP (Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes)

Track 3. SEARCH AND DESTROY (Iggy and The Stooges - Raw Power)

Track 4. SAINT OF ME (Rolling Stones - Bridge To Babylon)

Track 5. THE DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES (Dream Syndicate - The Days Of Wine And Roses)

Track 6. LA QUIETE DOPO UN ADDIO (Franco Battiato - Ferro Battuto)

Track 7. CONEY ISLAND BABY (Tom Waits - Blood Money)

Track 8. MARQUEE MOON (Television - Marquee Moon)

Track 9. HIGHWAY STAR (Deep Purple - Machine Head or better Made in Japan)

Track 10. MAGIC AND LOSS – THE SUMMATION (Lou Reed - Magic And Loss)

Track 11. GOOD MORNING, MR. CAPTAIN (Slint - Spiderland)

Track 12. THE STORY OF AN ARTIST (Daniel Johnston - Don't Be Scared)

Track 13 - OUTRO O GHOST TRACK. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK (WE SALUTE YOU) (Ac/Dc - For Those about to rock)

Who wants, has all the informations for making by himself the ideal CD.

Preface of the book is written by Oliviero Toscani.