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Band Members:

1985 band:

Steve Wynn

Dan Stuart

Sid Griffin

Stephen McCarthy

Chris Cacavas

Tom Stevens

Dennis Duck


2007 band:

Steve Wynn

Dan Stuart

Chris Cacavas

Stephen McCarthy

Bob Rupe

Johnny Hott


The Lost weekend (1985)

Cast Iron Soul (2007)

Here's To You Max Morlock... Live In Nuremberg (2007)

It was 1985 and Steve Wynn (from Dream Syndicate) and Dan Stuart (from Green On Red) met for a record under the name of Danny (Dan Stuart) & Dusty (Steve Wynn). The album was recorded in one weekend and in fact was named "THE LOST WEEKEND" with many musicians of paisley underground scene. After the album they didn't make a tour, just few concerts.

In 2006, many circumstances happens: Steve and Dan live both in New York and Steve is forced to rest due to a broken leg, furthermore Dan came back on the music scene with the reunion of Green On Red, so there's the opportunity to make another record of Danny & Dusty. The record (CAST IRON SOUL) was followed by an european tour and the release of a live album.