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Band Members:

Steve Wynn – vocals, guitar (1982 - )

Karl Precoda - guitar (1982 - 1984)

Kendra Smith – bass (1982 - March 1983)

Dennis Duck – drums (1982 - )

Dave Provost – bass (May 1983 - end of 1983)

Mark Walton – bass (1984 - )

Tommy Zvoncheck – keyboards (summer 1984)

Paul B. Cutler – guitar (1985 - 1988)

Jason Victor – guitar (2012 - )


The Dream Syndicate EP (1982)

The Days Of Wine And Roses (1982)

Medicine Show (1983)

This Is Not The New Dream Syndicate Album... Live (1984)

Out Of The Grey (1986)

Ghost Stories (1988)

Live At Raji's (1989)

It's Too Late To Stop Now (1989)

Tell Me When It's Over (The Best Of) (1992)

Weathered And Torn (1992) - VHS & DVD

3 1/2 The Lost Tapes: 1985 - 1988 (1993)

The Day Before Wine And Roses (1994)

The Official Dream Syndicate Bootleg Series Vol.1 (1995) - DVD

The band's name refers to that of an experimental band where the composer LaMonte Young was joined by John Cale in the period before the birth of the Velvet Underground. Despite the 80s will be dominated by pop and disco music, in California there was a revival of guitar rock in the underground music scene, fueled by groups such as REM and the Replacements. Wynn takes a further step forward (or backward depending on interpretation) and dusts off a rock sound full of feedback that takes clear inspiration from the Velvet Underground. The Dream Syndicate become the group leader of the so-called 'paisley underground', a musical movement located mainly in Los Angeles, clearly inspired by the '60s, which also includes bands like Green On Red, Bangles and Three O'Clock. They released the first record with original line up (Wynn/Precoda/Smith/Duck), then Kendra Smith was replaced by Dave Provost for just some month, and then definitively by Mark Walton. In 1984, after the release of a live album, also Precoda leaves and it's replaced by Paul B. Cutler. The band records other two studio albums and then broke up. Other releases like live albums, compilations and videos came over the years, until now. The band in its last line up (Wynn/Cutler/Walton/Duck) was reunited for one concert at McCabe's, Santa Monica on July 28, 2006.

In 2012 the band's returned with the last lineup (only Jason Victor from Miracle 3 took the place of Paul B. Cutler) for a Spanish tour in october and the 30th anniversary of Days Of Wine And Roses. You can read the full story of the reunion in the diaries. In spring 2014 to commemorate 30th anniversary of Medicine Show will take place an european tour...